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Good morning, I’m a woman filmmaker/screenwriter/actress In Austin and I am crowdfunding for an all female production (screenwriter, director and cast) short film I wrote about mental mental health. The characters are gay but that isn’t the focus of the story. It is to show them only as human beings with the emphasis being on one’s mental health and isolation. I’m sorry I didn’t contact you through more appropriate channels, I just hope you can check it and us out on the link and maybe share the GoFundMe page on your social media to help spread the word about the film to your thousands of followers. We only have a budget of $3500, so we don’t need much. https://www.gofundme.com/f/mind-of-fear-indie-film Thank you forever. Blessings to you and the work you do for others, Sherri Semine Mind Of Fear https://sherrisemine.net