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For the majority of my teenage years, I was locked into a state of mind that I couldn't control, I can only just now understand who I am and who I want to be. I was admitted to SLAM at the age of 15. I spent some of the darkiest days in there which led to me being very suicidal. Being diagnosed unspecified led to me mass confusion and depression and left me without a life. I turned it round and I am now in the process of building and managing a Mobile Network that donates Back to Mental Health Charity at no additional cost to help support the funding of NHS beds, NHS Therapy, NHS Staff to build up a better NHS Mental Health System. Using Kent's MVNO Calls4Charities who have a network donating to cancer and sport called C4CMobile. This project should be up and running at the latter part of this year. You can find out more of C4CMobile here www.C4CMobile.com It's time we gave back to those in need. Stop isolation. Stop Losing Faith in MP'S and Government.You can Make a difference to mental health just by making a call or sending a text.